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Speak your native language. Everywhere.

Why Langseek?

  • I like my native language.
  • I wanna travel but I cant speak any foreign language.
  • I wanna advice/help from somebody who lives in foreign country for a long time.
  • I live in a foreign country for a long time and I miss contact with somebody from my birth country.
  • I wonder, where live people who speak my native language.
  • I Wanna send something from foreign country to my birth county.
  • I may offer a part time jop to my own people.
  • I may offer some place to stay to my own people.
  • I wanna learn foreign languages with native speaker.
  • I wanna keep in touch about foreign travels of my friends and I wanna get notification when they leave our country
  • I wanna bring something from my birth country.


Interactive map

Find new budies in your current location who speak your language.

Friendlist with conversations

Chat with your friends any way you like.

Native experience

Forget web applications, enjoy pure native apps.



Screenshot of mobile app for iOS
Screenshot of mobile app for iOS
Screenshot of mobile app for iOS


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